Rifft is a company dedicated to technological innovation.
The young and dynamic startup is based in Sophia Antipolis,
where it conceives, designs, develops and manufactures
products that transform your everyday.

At Rifft, we question what is possible and disrupt existing standards, all while enriching your real-life experiences. We want to revolutionize the high-tech market with unique, high potential inventions designed for a worldwide audience!

CT Band
The connected watch-strap

No need to give up your watch! CT Band is a connected strap that integrates with your watch-faces.

rifft startup sophia antipolis france fuzzy family robot
The smart robot for children

Fuzzy is a true friend and educational companion : he plays, teaches and watches over your children.

start up rifft produit wi surf
Wi Surf
Induction charging station

A fully modular induction charging station; it's customizable and wireless!

What a clever idea Rifft's CT Band SimpliCT is. This French start-up delivers a kind of universal strap that can transform a traditional watch into a smart one.


We knew about connected straps. We knew about smartwatchs . Well CT Band, it’s a bit of both rolled into one.

Writer, Stuff

No need to exile your Rolex Tissot to the closet if you want to take advantage of a connected watch; CT Band integrates with any watch-face.

Writer, Capital
le journal des entreprises

Just one year after its creation, the Sophia-Antipolis based up-and-comer Rifft launches its first product. Dubbed the CT Band, it offers a range of connected watch-straps that fit almost any dial.

Gaëlle Cloarec
Writer, Le Journal des Entreprises
comment ça marche

The young French company Rifft has developed a revolutionary connected strap that serves as a bridge between traditional watches and smart watches. Dubbed the SimpliCT Band, this gadget can be integrated with any conventional watch, provided that the original strap is detachable.

rifft startup sophia antipolis france article presse

We don’t have it on the wrist yet (it should not delay), but we desire it already. The French start-up Rifft’s smart strap CT Band is a promising future in the world of activity trackers.

Christophe Séfrin
Writer, Les Numé
rifft startup sophia antipolis france article presse

Turn your favorite watch into a smart one by grafting this bracelet to your dial.

Christophe Séfrin
Journaliste, L'Equipe Magazine
digital trends

Rifft's smart CT Band teaches your old watch some new stricks.

Ed Oswald
Journalist, Digital Trends

If you’re a bit of a watch fiend then the idea of dumping your favourite Rolex for a fitness band or Apple Watch Series 2 will freak you out. The CT Band attempts to give you the best of both worlds by providing fitness tracking capabilities and a small Led screen in the strap instead.

Writer, Trusted Review

If you've day dreamed about adding smartwatch features to your favorite non-smart watch, the CT Band from French startup Rifft, may make your dreams to become a reality. CT Band turns your Rolex or Timex into a smartwatch.

Julie Strietelmeier
Chief Editor, The Gadgeteer