Customized, universal and wireless!

Wi Surf represents a disrupter on the induction charging market by opening a new path — that of customization.


With the Wi Surf induction charger, the customization options are endless.
It's up to you to choose which size, shape (round, cube, rectangle…) and material (wood, glass, plexiglass, …) to create a one-of-a-kind Wi Surf that goes perfectly wherever you place it: a nightstand, coffee table, desk, dresser, conference table, restaurant table …


Whether at home or work, Wi Surf is your no-strings-attached power solution. With induction charging, say goodbye to burdensome cables and power cords — this technology allows for discrete charging of any type of electronic device just by simple contact.

Once Wi Surf is connected to a power outlet, simply place the device on its surface the battery starts to charge. When the battery is full, charging automatically stops and Wi Surf goes to sleep. Wi Surf makes your life much easier!


Wi Surf is AirFuel certified. It ensures effective and safe recharging of all types of electronics: CT Band connected straps, radios, LED lamps, smartphones, tablets, headsets, keyboards, drones, toys, DECT phones, joysticks …. You can even charge multiple devices all at the same time.

Make life easier

Wi Surf offers a simple-to-use approach that can be effortlessly integrated into your everyday life: when you go to bed, just put your smartphone (for example) on the bedside table and sit back as it recharges without ever plugging in a wire. Wi Surf saves you both time and energy!
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